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Mystery Tour

21st November 2020 Come Travel with Cowans to a locations unknow. Enjoy a fun day out with new things to see and do for the day.


Extended Tours

11 Day Tour of Tasmania 2020

20th - 30th September 2020
We proudly present this itinerary to you showcasing our Island state’s most beautiful landscapes, animals and geological natural formations.

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Family owned and operated, Cowan’s Bus Service can provide all your travel needs.

Let us arrange your next holiday for you, with options stretching from a North Queensland adventure to a tour through the lush forests and vistas of Tasmania. Or perhaps you might just need a day out on one of our day tours and if you have a group function we are also available for private charter.

Whatever your needs, Cowan’s can take you where you want to go in safety, style, and comfort.

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